Contract Review

Contract law can be confusing and complicated. Furthermore, the wording and formatting of legally binding documents tend to be perplexing to anyone who doesn't fluently speak legal jargon. As a result, any legal document with the potential to have a substantial impact on your finances, time or responsibilities should be reviewed. Any time you make changes to a legal document or your situation changes, a legal document review is also a good idea to ensure your interests are protected.

Contract Drafting

As an experienced attorney, I know exactly what provisions are essential to include and will draft a personalized, professional contract that perfectly fits your business needs and goals. Best of all it’s written in language that’s easy to understand. 

Contracts We Review & Draft

Client Policy & Procedures // Social Media Policies // Buy-Sell Agreements

Operating Agreements // Partnership Agreements // Corporation Bylaws

Vendor Agreements // Customer Agreements // Employee Agreements

Website Terms & Conditions // Privacy Policies // Cease & Desist Letters

Demand Letters // Non-Compete Agreements // Non Disclosure Agreements

Living Wills // Wills // Revocable Trusts // Financial & Healthcare Power of Attorney


Don’t see what you need? No problem! Give us a call to discuss any other contract you may need.