Our Services

Every business, and every business owner, eventually comes to a moment where they realize it is time to add a business attorney to their team. This is typically in a reactive situation. We help entrepreneurs and business owners be proactive in protecting their brand and business in the following areas: entity formation, contracts, and legacy planning.


Entity Formation

Starting and operating a business is much more complex than simply publishing a website or hanging a shingle outside a door. Adherence to existing business laws protects you, your financial investments, and your personal assets, while diminishing risk and opening the door to long-term success.



We believe contracts are the foundation to all business relationships. We provide peace of mind by providing attorney drafted contract templates, customized contracts, and performing contract reviews.


Trademarks & copyrights

You’ve worked hard to develop your brand. You’ve created a product or developed a service that is unique. You’ve invested time, money, and your reputation on building your business. Your intellectual property—your distinctive logo, tagline, package design, even your product name—are at the heart of your company. Don’t leave those precious items vulnerable.