Subscription Legal Services

With our innovative subscription plans, you pay one monthly fee and have immediate access to our attorneys and network of industry professionals when you need them. Each subscriber goes through an on-boarding process where we examine your business in-depth, identify your legal needs, stack them in priority, then help you select the best subscription for your needs. We ensure the plan fits your needs, your resources, and your business goals.

Why Subscription?

Understand that the nationally known legal subscription services offered by others are not law firms; they are matchmakers between you and attorneys they have on retainer to take your calls and review your documents. With our service, you get local attorney's who get to know your business in and out. Our subscription memberships help you achieve peace of mind by giving you access to your legal team on a regular basis; without the fear of next months bill. This convenient and predictable system is effective and proactive. 

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Legal Projects Include the Following:

Contract Edits, Contract Revisions, Customized Contract Template, Customized Contract Playbook, Contract Negotiations, Contract Due Diligence, Review of Current Estate Plan, Update Current Estate Plan, Revocable Trust, Will, Healthcare & Financial Power of Attorney, Business Succession Plan, Buy- Sell Agreement, Entity Formation, Entity Updates

Frequently Asked Questions



Shouldn't I just wait until I have a legal issue before joining? The key to our subscription services is prevention and proactivity. By addressing or uncovering legal issues before they become a problem, you can save a ton of time and money. By joining you receive insight into copyrights, trademarks, contracts, and business formation early. You can build your business on a solid foundation.

How does my business become a subscription client? The first step is scheduling a 15-minute discovery call to ensure our services are the right fit for your business' needs. Next, you will have a 1-hour empowerment session and assessment. The empowerment session and assessment is a one-time fee of $75. After the empowerment session and assessment, we provide an action plan and recommend a subscription package or create a customized one based on the assessed and reported needs of the business.

Billing & Payments

How does the subscription billing work? We do not charge by the hour...ever! Instead, we invoice your flat monthly fee (based on your package) and complete the work within the projected timeline. Say goodbye to hourly billing!

Does my price ever change? No. There are no hidden charges or fees.

Can I cancel at any time? Yes. This is a month-to-month subscription. You can cancel at the end of your billing cycle for the month. There is no lengthy commitment to stay a member.

Can I get a discount if I pay annually or quarterly? Yes. Please get in touch if you would like to set up quarterly or annual billing.


What if the business' needs change during the course of the subscription? We proactively review your business' subscription usage and, if needed, address changes quarterly. We believe that you should gain value in all services you purchase to support the growth of your brand and your business. If the business' needs increase or decrease, we will recommend a different package or restructure the subscription to fit the new demands of the business.

What if the business needs additional services above what's included in the subscription? If the business has additional needs for services that fall outside its subscription, you can add a short-term legal project to the subscription, for a flat monthly fee, to complete the additional work. At any point during the engagement, you can upgrade the business' subscription.


Does it cover all my legal issues? The subscription service serves as basic legal protection for your business. In the event that an issue arises that is not a part of your subscription package we offer a generous discount and competitive flat rates to members.

What discounts are available to members? As a member, you receive 10% off any service offered by the firm. This includes estate-planning services. However, the 10% discount doesn't apply until after a month. The subscription service becomes more valuable the longer you are a part of it.

Is there a time limit to become a member? We accept a limited number of clients to our subscription legal services program. If you are interested in learning if this service is a fit for your business or you would like your business to become a client now or in the future, please contact our office to schedule a power chat with a member of the team. If we are unable to accept your business immediately, we will notify when we have additional openings for new subscription clients.

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